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JULY 5, 2014







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"Soul Jazzy Entertainment"

CEO of Gico Music, Gina Carey, launches her newest expansion,"Soul Jazzy Entertainment" hosting , Soul Jazzy TV (Tell My Story) , Indie Movies Reviews , Indie Music Reviews & keeping you up to date with "Whats Up Indie News". "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" was designed to create public awareness to some of some of the nations most talented up and coming & undiscovered entertainment artist.Visit Gico Music's "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" Official Website


Gina Carey New Single "Through The Waters" Receives Superlative Reviews


New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Gina Carey official website) Indie Artist Gina Carey is captivating audiances worldwide with her new hit single, "Through The Waters". " Through The Waters" is sweeping the nation like wildfire!. In just one week, radio station Dj's worldwide are raving about this remarkable song. Loads of fans are taking to their social media pages with a host of commendatory mentions regarding Gina Carey's new single. "Through The Waters" is a slow heartfelt ballad is packed with immense amounts of emotion. Gina Carey's new single, "Through The Waters" is a song about experiencing peace of mind regardless of your past or present trails.

While listening to the lyrical content of "Through The Waters" , one can help but to re- examine their own positions as it relates to negativity verses positivity. Gina Carey cleverly and poetically tells her own story of triumph from despair by depicting the story of a woman's journey through the waters and shattered glass.

Gina Carey's vocal performance is heartfelt and intoxicating! Undeniably, " Through The Waters" has a magnetic pull that is keeping worldwide fans wanting more and more. Vocally, Gina Carey brings out such strong conviction, emotions and intensity. Unlike many of today's pop artist who use computer overloads to enhance their voice, Gina's voice is in your face and raw, putting listeners in the mind of that old school style of singing with a soft angelic touch. Her high note are tear jerking and gripping. In " Through The Waters", undoubtedly one can hear the intense emotions she experienced writing this song in a despairing place in her own life. Through The Waters" is destined to take listeners on a spirituous journey of hope, peace and inspiration.
It is quit difficult to classify " Through The Waters" in one particular Genre, as Gina Carey has the ability to break the rules of music classification. However," Through The Waters " sits in its own classification. Some would say that " Through The Waters" has a bit of a smooth jazz R&B feel, however, this song can easily slide into a cinematic genre due to its orchestral arrangements and melodic musical compositions.

"Through The Waters" was lyrically written, musically arranged, produced and mixed by Gina Carey. Her husband, guitarist John Carey also co- produced, co- arranged, co-wrote the music. John Carey has also contributed his brilliant bass and melodic Spanish style guitar accents throughout the entire song. Additionally, the magical fingers of none other than pianist Joel Orona who played keys and strings gave this song the final ingredients of perfection.

Its only been a few weeks since the radio premier of Gina 's new Single " Through The Waters", and already, fans are lighting up their social media pages with rave reviews about Gina carey's new single " Through The Waters" .Gina Carey is a true diamond in the rough and is a perfect representation of indie soul artist on the rise in this generation. Without a doubt, " Through The Waters" is proving to be another success for Gina Carey. To listen to " Through The Waters" go to Gina Carey's YouTube "Through The Waters" is now available for digital downloading. I Tunes, Amazon & CD Baby.
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Recording Artist Gina Carey to Launch New Entertainment Website, Soul Jazzy Entertainment

 Recording Artist Gina Carey, will formally launch her new independent arts network,” Soul Jazzy Entertainment” on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Soul Jazzy Entertainment is a culturally diverse, family friendly website that primarily focuses on bringing worldwide awareness to some of the world’s most talented yet undiscovered independent artist. “Soul Jazzy Entertainment” will house a multiplicity of independent art forms all under one roof.

  "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" publishes weekly blogs, concerts, music videos, dance productions, theatrical performances, film reviews, entertainment news, featured artist spotlights and more. “Soul Jazzy Entertainment” strives to be another vehicle for artist who are independently funding their own careers to gain worldwide expose.

  Visitors of can expect nothing less than quality, family friendly and entertaining material presented regularly without compromise.

   Although “Soul Jazzy Entertainment “offers a plethora of engaging content , visitors will undoubtedly find themselves mesmerized by “Soul Jazzy Entertainments” new webisode series “Tell My Story”.

  "Tell My Story" is a new web series documenting raw, heartfelt interviews with various up and coming entertainment professionals. While watching “Tell My Story”, onlookers will find themselves becoming emotionally engaged in the lives of each artist as they share the victories and defeats of their artistic journeys. “Tell My Story” is sure to inspire and to encourage those who are in pursuance of their life long dreams to never give up.

  "Soul Jazzy Entertainment” also serves as an additional host to, Internet Radio Stations, “Blues Jazz Radio & Gospel Is Golden Radio” where Brett "BJ" Lewis is the Owner/Programmer/Air Personality of both Internet Radio Stations. Brett is also the Senior Vice President of Digital radio operations and air personality with The Philadelphia Syndication Network. Visitors will be able to tune in and enjoy local, regional and international air personalities as they bring you a constant flow of independent and upcoming artist 24 hours a day!!! The Perfect Blend Globally.

  "Soul Jazzy Entertainment" was born out of the vision of Recording Artist Gina Carey in November 2013. Being an independent artist herself, Gina experienced many pitfalls in her attempt to accomplish her lifelong dreams. Because of her own struggles and seeing other independent artist alike experiencing the same setbacks, her compassion led her to create a platform in which the indie voice can be heard and noticed. She hopes that Soul Jazzy Entertainment will serve as another avenue to give many extremely talented indie artist the opportunity to have worldwide exposure.

  Gina Carey is an accomplished singer/writer/producer/director and engineer. She has recorded ten CD's, reached the #1 spot on the UK Gospel Charts in 1996 and on the UK Soul Charts in 2011 , Won the black music award for "best Gospel Performer" and won Marker Broadcasting’s " Best Jazz Artist" award in 2012. She is the Producer & Director of the “Tell My Story” Web Series and the CEO/ owner of both Gico Music & Soul Jazzy Entertainment.

  Soul Jazzy Entertainment is promised to be the new go to site to learn about yesterdays, todays and tomorrows most talented independent artist. Visit Soul Jazzy Entertainment at “Tell My Story” Episode One, “The Story of actor/model and film maker “Bella Maori” to premier Sunday January 26, 2014.



2012 Marker Broadcasting Jazz Artist Winner, Gina Carey, Gives Free Concert in Palm Springs

Palm Deserts Indie Artist Gina Carey will celebrate her 10th CD release “Funk Rhythm & Soul” at the famous Woody’s After Dark in Palm Springs , Ca.

  In just 4 weeks, 2012 Marker Broadcasting “Best Jazz Artist” award winner, Gina Carey, will give a free concert in at “Woody’s After Dark”. This grand celebration is co sponsored by Gico Music and Woody’s.

Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD release Party is to be held on Saturday October 5th at 7pm at “Woody’s” , 317 N. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA. 92262  (760) 230-0188 .

  The “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD Celebration is open to the public and is set to be a memorable night of music, fun and celebration. Gina Carey will perform songs from her upcoming debut CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul”.

  The“ Soul Songbird “, Gina Carey will be joined by her husband, “Urban Soul Guitarist 'John Carey, Theo Coakley of 70's funk band T-Connection (Keys), Nathaniel Scott (Drums) and Mark London Sims (Bass).

  Not only will there be surprise guest appearances from local Desert musicians but one of the Coachella Valley's most Popular Soul/R&B Radio Stations, 99.5 FM will also join Gina Carey for a live broadcast. Gina Carey's "Funk Rhythm & Soul" CD release party promises to be one of the year's most exciting shows.

  “Gina Carey's raw, soulful sound has been compared to the likes of Gladys Knight, Betty Wright, Denise Williams and broadways sensation Stephanie Mills. “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is sure to receive many accolades for its ability to hold fast to raw, solid soul music without compromise.

   "Funk Rhythm & Soul" consists of eleven original songs. All songs were written, arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Gina Carey at Gico Music Studios in Palm Springs, CA.

  Funk Rhythm & Soul “will be available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and most online retailers on or after September 28th. For more information on Gina Carey, visit her website at

Immediately following her performance, Gina welcomes guest to join her for a cake reception and a CD signing.”


by: Lisa falls

Gina Carey’s Shoots Music Video at Woody’s In Palm Springs

Gina Carey to Shoot Music Video “On & On” at one of the best burger restaurants in Palm Springs, Woody’s Gourmet Burgers. 


  On Saturday August 31, 2013, Soul singer Gina Carey will shoot her music video, On & On” from her upcoming debut CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. “On & On” is the first single release from Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul’s.


  Gina Carey’s “On & On” video shoot will be held on Saturday August 31st at 3pm at Woody’s Gourmet Burgers at 317 N. Indian Canyon DR. Palm Springs, CA 92262.  (760)230-1088


This video shoot is closed to the general public. Extras will be pre chosen prior to the video shoot.  If you are interested in being cast as an extra in Gina Carey’s  “ On & On” video shoot, please contact or call (760) 678- 5815


Gina Carey “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD will be available September 28th online at I Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, E Music and more online stores. To read more about Gina Carey’s new CD release “Funk Rhythm & Soul “CD, visit .


For more information on Gina Carey go to or follow Gina Carey on Twitter Facebook and You Tube




Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD Release Party at Woody’s Gourmet Burgers in Palm Springs

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On October 5th, Gina Carey will give a free live performance along with band Urban Soul Project in celebration of her of her 10th CD release “Funk Rhythm & Soul” 

Gico Music along with co-sponsor, Woody’s Gourmet Burgers, Palm Springs, is pleased to announce a free concert by California-based Soul singer Gina Carey. This grand event is in celebration of her September 28th debut CD, “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is the follow up to her January album, “Gina Carey…The Songbird”.  

  Soul Songstress Gina Carey will be joined by her husband and recording artist, “The Urban Soul Guitarist ‘John Carey, Theo Coakley of 70’s funk band T-Connection (Keys), Nathaniel Scott (Drums) and Mark London Sims (Bass). Not only will there be surprise guest appearances from local Desert musicians but one of the Coachella Valley’s most Popular Soul/R&B Radio Stations, 99.5 FM will also join Gina Carey for a live broadcast. Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD release party promises to be one of the year's most exciting shows.

  This free concert will be held on Saturday, October 5 at 7 p.m. at the Woody’s Gourmet Burgers 317 N Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 230-0188

 “Funk Rhythm & Soul” consists of eleven original songs. All songs were written, arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Gina Carey at Gico Music Studios, Palm Springs, CA.

  On September 28th, “Funk Rhythm & Soul” will be available on-line on: iTunes,, Napster, Rhapsody, Zune, eMusic, MediaNet, and CD Baby and other online retailers. Gina Carey “Funk Rhythm & Soul” will also be available at her CD release party.

  To schedule interviews, for store distribution or to request a copy of the new album for radio play, please contact Gico Music at:

Gico Music (760) 678-5815


Gico Music: http://www.GicoMusic.Com

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Soul Music lovers get ready for Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” CD

September 28th marks the release date of Gico Music artist Gina Carey’s 10th CD release  

  Vintage soul music lovers get ready for the soul CD of the year” Funk Rhythm & Soul”. Excitement fills the atmosphere as soul music lovers await the debut of Gina Carey’s new CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. In less than 2 months, this funky R&B album can be heard on radio stations worldwide.  

  Gico Music plans to release 3 singles from “Funk Rhythm & Soul” On & On, On Fire & In Love. The first single “On & On” will be released on Saturday August 17th.  “On & On” will come a month before the September 28th releases date of “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. On Fire & In Love will be released as singles later this fall.  

“Funk Rhythm & Soul” is the album soul music lovers have been waiting for. In a world where soul music is quickly dying, Gina Carey has saved the day. “Funk Rhythm & Soul” captures the essence of raw unhampered soul singing. Gina Carey’s soulful R&B vibe can be easily compared to the likes of soul Icons, Gladys Knight and Betty Wright. A touch of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitz Gerald can also be detected in Gina’s vocal deliverance on a few on the tracks. “Funk Rhythm & Soul” reminds listeners of the 12inch vinyl era where songs had cushion room for dancing. This outstanding project deserves accolades for its ability to hold fast to solid soul without compromise.

“Funk Rhythm & Soul” was written, arranged, performed & produced by none other than Gina Carey herself. This talented soul singer is a diamond in the rough and is a perfect representation of indie soul artist on the rise in this generation. Her husband “Guitarist & artist John Carey has also contributed to this brilliant CD. His melodic guitar accents are sprinkled throughout “In Spain” and her band mate of “Urban Soul Project” Donny Beck, can be heard on “Hot Summer Nights”. 

Just as Gina Carey’s “Melodic” CD took the #1 spot on the UK Soul charts in 2011, “Funk Rhythm & Soul “is expected to receive equal success. Gina Carey “Funk Rhythm & Soul” will be available on September 28th on Amazon, I Tunes & Cd Baby. Find out more about Gina Carey by visiting her website at


Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is on fire

Soul Music lovers get ready for the indie soul CD of the year “Funk Rhythm & Soul”  

  Gico Music recording artist Gina Carey will release her 10th CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul” on September 28th. Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul’s” vibe instantaneously puts you in the setting of the 1970’s soul music explosion. All written produced & arranged by Gina Carey, “Funk Rhythm & Soul” has got the vibe that will get up on your feet and wanting more. 

  Not only is “Funk Rhythm & Soul” soulful and funky, but it also has a smooth jazzy vibe. On “Funk Rhythm & Soul” Gina’s vocally demonstrates her vocal versatility but including a few jazzy tunes with Ella Fitz Gerald style Scatting. Her ability to infuse soul, funk and jazz music while making it attractive to listeners of a vast demographic makes Gina Carey one of the most versatile indie soul artists out there.

“On & On” is the first single to be released from Gina’s upcoming CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. “On & On” is a fun dance track with a great hook line, “Our love, it goes on and on”. On & On” expresses the joy of an unending and unbroken love. This foot stomping track delivers constant movement and is an excellent introductory to the quality of “Funk Rhythm & Soul” On & On will premiere on August 17th

  With over 15 years in the music business, Gina Carey has won the hearts of listeners worldwide. With “Funk Rhythm & Soul” being Gina’s 10th CD, Gico Music plans to celebrate the release of “Funk Rhythm & Soul” with a few CD release parties this fall. These celebrations will take place in the state of California. With graves reviews already flooding the internet, “Funk Rhythm & Soul” will prove to be a stunning success for Gina Carey. Find out more about Gina Carey at

Gico Music Celebrates the 10th CD releases of Songstress Gina Carey

Gina Carey Funk Rhythm & Soul CD photo LayeredCoverFinal_zps1d49c0fb.jpg

On September 28th “The Soul Songbird” will release her 10th CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul” 

 After nine successful CD releases, “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is sure to be the most successful releases of Gina Carey’s career. Even though her  6th CD, (Melodic), landed the #1 spot on the UK Soul Charts, “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is predicted to gain even more rave reviews. 

  There are several attributes about Gina Carey’s music that guarantee the success of “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. However, one of the most appreciated musical aspects is her loyalty and unwavering commitment to authentic soul music. Fans of Gina Carey are captivated by her raw yet simplistic soulful sound. 

  Not only are Gina Carey’s vocals undeniably refreshing and sultry on “Funk Rhythm & Soul”, but her lyrics pierce the inner most parts of your being. The vast majority of the songs within this dynamic collection capture the love & friendship she posses with her husband, guitarist/recording artist John Carey. She also sings about her love for mankind life & God. 

  Her throwback sound puts listeners in the mind of vintage soul artist such as Gladys Knight, Mava Staples, Betty Wright, Denise Williams & Stephanie Mills all wrapped up into one. 

  Gina Carey’s “Funk Rhythm & Soul” is a melting pot of all the yummy soul ingredients added into the 70’s & 80’s music. A little funk, R&B, Latin and a whole lot of soul is what comes to mind while listening to “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. However, unlike her previous CD’s, a stronger funk presence is elevated.

All 10 of these stellar songs were written, performed, arranged and produced by Gina Carey. Guitar contributions can be heard by her husband, guitarist/recording artist John Carey and piano by Donny Beck. Gina Carey’s sultry soul vocals compliment these talented musicians very well. 

Gina has the innate ability to transform any song into a powerhouse performance as this is true with her upcoming CD” Funk Rhythm & Soul”. Gico Music will release “Funk Rhythm & Soul” on September 28th . Learn more about Gina Carey by visiting her website




Gina Carey to release new single “On & On”

Gina Carey Funk Rhythm & Soul CD photo LayeredCoverFinal_zps1d49c0fb.jpg

On August 17th, Gina Carey will release the first single from her upcoming CD “Funk Rhythm & Soul”.  

  Just 5 months after the soul songbird released her last CD” Gina Carey…The Songbird”, Gina is humming lullabies once again. After 9 successful independent releases, and a #1 UK chart topper, (Melodic), Gina Carey is ready to unleash another tour de force, her 10th CD “Funk Rhythm &Soul”.  

  Well written, performed and produced by Gina Carey, her new single, “On & On” is a standout track, and is sure to be the last summer, early fall dance craze! This funky/Sultry dance track is quite addictive, leaving listener with a lingering effect of wanting more.

“On & On” is infused with great lyrical content, intense rhythmic movement and strong musical arrangements. This stellar track has a raw, sultry, lead vocal and a strong catchy hook line.  

Prepare yourself for the upcoming independent album of the year, “Funk Rhythm & Soul”. “On & On” is just the appetizer needed to excite your appetite for Gico Music’s 10th celebratory CD. Gina Carey “Funk Rhythm & Soul coming September 28th.


Just seven days until the release of Gina Carey’s “My Sunshine”

Gico Music prepares to release the second single from Gina Carey’s Soul CD “ Gina Carey…The Songbird entitled  “My Sunshine”.  “My Sunshine” features Gina Carey...The Songbird at her very best.

Gina Carey’s first single” Hey Mr., a hook-laden, fusion , soul and dance song, received grave reviews and has filled the airwaves of the UK, US and Europe for the past two months. Critically acclaimed and hook-laden, “Hey Mr.” enchanted and captivated listeners. “My Sunshine” should eclipse the success of “Hey Mr.”

Gina Carey… The Songbird’s new single “My Sunshine” is a soulful, jazzy and dance floor friendly track with a sassy Latin twist. “My Sunshine” is the follow-up to “Hey Mr.”, the first single released from her latest album Gina Carey...The Songbird.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of Gina Carey…The Songbird, is her natural ability to connect with listeners worldwide as her music embodies a multitude of eclectic sounds infusing them into one dynamic presentation of soul, dance and funk.

Because of her captivating love lyrics and her angelic soul smoothness, she commands the irrevocable attention of her audiences both in her recordings and live on stage.

“My Sunshine” will brighten your life and will provide the soundtrack to the long summer months ahead. Enjoy Gina Carey’s newest single ‘My Sunshine”.

Gina’s new single” My Sunshine” can be found on her latest Soul CD “Gina Carey…The Songbird” and  is now available at I Tunes, Amazon and others. If you would like more information about Gina Carey…The Songbird, please visit her official website at www.GinaCareyTheSongBird.Com